Spare Parts

1. Membrane-related

2. Seawater Plunger Pump

GDP Filter teams up with WULI Agriculture Machine Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of High-Pressure Pump and related accessories in Taiwan with more than 35 years, in order to supply excellent quality high-pressure pump for seawater desalination system.

High Pressure Seawater Pump(2000 psi / 80 bar)

High Pressure Pump(1000~1500 psi)

3. Micro-Bubble Generator

GDP Filter teams up with Nikuni Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of Micro-Bubble Generator, an unique pump that can produced micro-buble without additional compressor or pressure tank. Simple, powerful, and reliable answer for your DAF & Ozone System. NIKUNI-DAF pumps offers unique, patented system of generating highly saturated dissolved air, where micro air bubbles are of the size 20-30 μm (traditional system generates bubbles 200-300 μm). The flotation efficiency getting higher the smaller bubbles are generated.