Wastewater Solution

Answering the challenges in clean production, GDP Filter design several applicative innovation to deal with waste management. GDP Filter firmly believe that good waste management will ensure sustainability of an industry and give good economical impact.

1. Water Reuse System

Specially designed for water reuse in apartment, hotels, laundry, and general industrial waste water, GDP Filter Water Reuse System is based on membrane technology.

GDP Filter has two alternative design for Water Reuse System, which is

(1) Ultrafiltration; providing clear clean water for domestic purposes such as flushing, plants watering, etc.

(2) Combination of UF-RO; this system providing pure water for drinking, cooking, and etc.

2. Membrane Bio-Reactor

Membrane bioreactor is widely regarded as a reliable and efficient alternative technology to conventional activated sludge processes. Compared to conventional wastewater treatment processes, MBR has many advantages, include small footprint and reactor requirement, higher effluent quality, good disinfection capability, higher volumetric loading, and less sludge production.


Side-stream MBR

Ends-Free Implanted MBR

Non-Modular MBR


Easy Maintenance

Low Fouling

Stable Flux

High COD Removal

Low Fouling

Stable Flux

High COD Removal

Robust Membrane Fiber

Effective Aeration