Special Case

1. Waste Lube Oil Membrane Filter

More than 6 million tons of used petroleum products, primarily oils, enter the biosphere each year. Due to their toxicity & carcinogenicity, the rational use of waste lube oils are complicated & limited.

GDP Filter presents Lube Oil Membrane Filter, to handle waste lube oil. It is indeed an answer for transforming waste lube oil to valuable products. The system removes even micro-sized particulates from waste lube oil in simple single step of filtration.

2. Pervaporation

Fuel grade ethanol is widely known as bio-fuel and its popularity is growing on recently. GDP Filter offers pervaporation system to purify 95% wt ethanol into 99% wt ethanol. With small footprints and lower energy consumption, pervaporation is much superior than conventional multiple column distillation.

3. Membrane Contractor

Application of membrane as contacting device has been popular idea for years. Based on the principles that membrane has large active surface area, membrane contactor is expected to be highly effective contacting device with less space requirement.

GDP Filter has designed several systems of membrane contactor, such as hollow fiber membrane contactor for CO2 reduction in natural gas stream, and ceramic membrane contactor for SO2 reduction in flue gas stream.

4. Membrane Cooling Tower

The present invention relates to equipment and process for closed loop circulation cooling tower. This invention uses hydrophobic microporous hollow fiber membrane which is permeable to gas but not permeable to water. Temperature reduction is facilitated by introducing air into liquid phase, which will subsequently be separated in hydro-cyclone unit.

Closed circulation system avoids cooling water contamination by particles and microorganisms from the air, as often occurs when using conventional cooling tower. Thus, fouling on heat exchanger wall can also be prevented since membrane is used as contacting device.

With advantages of zero contamination and energy-efficient in a simple compact equipment, Membrane CoolingTower is a powerful alternative for industrial cooling system.